A community website provided by the members of the Cloverdale Heights Homeowners Association, representing a ready-reference of information.

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text transcriptions are from hand written, Xeroxed/hand-copied/photographed (poor quality in some cases) as well as degrading eight track and cassette tape recordings. Cloverdale Heights’ website should not be understood as a legal document in itself, nor the definitive collection of documentation representing the entire history of Cloverdale Heights Homeowners Association, Inc..commencing 1987-88.

has been and is provided as an online tool of transparency; merely a convenience for reference by and for homeowners.

has evolved into a clearing house of pertinent information as an online ready resource.

Misspellings, grammar, and/or structure are those found as-is within documents and/or made in-part by the transcriber. Every effort has been made to scan documents, while preserving their validity, and whenever possible by presenting them in Adobe Acrobat’s portable document format (PDF).

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