Meet with Sheriff Pete DoughertyPolice Barracks 102 Industrial Blvd. Suite 100
Kearneysville, WV 25430 at 7 PM, where Citizens can openly discuss topics, and collaborate with people who can discuss and take action on different topics.

Please call ahead to confirm schedule(s) with the Sheriff.

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Office: 304–­728-3205 Fax : 304–­728-3299
For Non-Emergency Calls:
After Regular Business Hours: 304–­725-8484

All Meetings are Open to the Public.
Free Parking.
Handicap Accessible.
Please turn off or silence cell phones during all meetings.

10/12/2011 ATTENTION: Y O U Ride-Along:

Contact the office, schedule a date, sign the waiver and you are off. General guidelines, wear comfortable clothes that you might not mind getting dirty – depending on your level of interest. Even if you have a CCW permit, leave that accessory at home. There will be situations where it is OK to get out with the officer, other times, it is best to wait in the vehicle. When it comes to responding to calls, accidents, etc…each call is unique. Generally there is a discussion afterwards in the vehicle about the call and victim’s privacy is pretty important. Again, all depends on the nature of the call.

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