Notice PUBLIC COMMENT HEARING January 28, 2021

The following information is an accumulation of information that began December 5, 2020 concerning the Wild Hill Solar Farm announcement to our homeowners. (most recent last – not a definitive list) There is a conflict of dates due to the fact we were unaware of information.  The responsibility rests on us as homeowners to remain alert with Jefferson County meetings, procedures and  option(s) for public comment.  Sign up for Jefferson County Notices

Ongoing information provided to our homeowners

Link to Jefferson County Vision (JCV)
JCV’s Board of Directors

12-11-2020 UPDATE JCC vacates [ZTA19-03] solar text amendment
1 page PDF
12-16-2020 Jefferson County Vision to WV PSC – Letter to Intervene
4 pages PDF
JVC Legal Counsel: Bradley W. Stephens, Morgantown, WV
12-21-2020 Wild Hill Solar Farm – Letters of Support
7 pages PDF
12-22-2020 WV PSC Order including Background
7pages PDF
1-4-2021 Video -  location abutting Cloverdale at the up-hill tree line – winter-browned field valley
1-4-2021 WV PSC reciept: Jane Tabb, JC Commissioner’s protest
1 page PDF
1-5-2021 EDF Renewables Notice to Cloverdale Homeowners “Neighbors” & Handout
7 pages PDF
1-5-2021 JCV’s (intervener) 1st set of discovery requests to Wild Hill Solar Farm filed WV PSC (19 requests)
7 pages PDF
1-12-2020 open one or more letters and/or filings to WV PSC
1-28-2021* WV PSC NOTICE: Public Comment Hearing 930AM
1-29-2021* WV PSC NOTICE: Evidentiary Hearing 9:30AM

* Directions to enter the public comment hearing videoconferences will be posted on the Commission website, www.psc.state.wv.us, under the Hot Topics section by January 27, 2021.

includes presentations, audio/video and printable files

  • 11-3-2020   Application
    148 pages 16MB PDF (reduced from +250MB)
  • 11-3-2020  Application Table of Contents
    page 8 image
  • 11-3-2020 Application Engineering Drawing page 92 image includes locations & legend
  • 11-3-2020  Application Site Plan w/legend page 144 image
  • 11-16-2020 Jefferson County Solar Amendment
    3 pages PDF
  • 11-18-2020 Legal Notice – Spirit of Jefferson 1 page image
  • 12-5-2020  WV Public Service Commission Comment Form (closes 12-18-2020)
    use Case No. 20-0845-E-SCS-PW when submitting comments:

TIP SELECT: “Formal Case  To complete this process, you MUST reply to a confirmation e-mail to confirm your identity. Once verified, your comment will be processed and added as an activity to the case.