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Thank you for your request for consideration to build in the Cloverdale Heights. We take this opportunity to extend an initial “welcome to our community.”

As you may already know, Cloverdale Heights is a Common Interest Community with accompanying Covenants and Bylaws. These “rules” are designed to insure maintenance of a quality neighborhood and to protect the investment of each home owner.

The Covenants charge the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) with enforcing expressed minimum standards and applying discretion to protect the overall quality and value of homes in the community.

The information which you provide will be reviewed with these minimum standards as the guide for compliance. A summary of the “rules” which apply and which will be enforced is provided below.

You and your building contractor are required to sign the ARC Application and return the form with a copy of your complete construction package. When approved, the construction package will remain permanently in the HOA files.    Please review this package carefully.

A CONSTRUCTION SUBMISSION CHECK LIST is included to assist you in providing all appropriate information to the HOA for construction approval.

The material that you provide will be evaluated by the HOA Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for compliance with the Covenants and the general standards and property values of the community.

In the event of a problem of any kind, the ARC will work with you to help resolve the problem so that the requested construction approval be received. Approval decision will be made within thirty (30) days after receipt of your construction package.

The ARC looks forward to working with you and your contractor to complete the construction of your new home in the shortest time possible.

Please direct all questions and concerns in writing, by phone, or by email to:

Architectural Review Committee, Cloverdale Heights
P.O. Box 1201
Charles Town, WV 25414

2023-2024 ARC
Jake Bolen  912-288-0234

NEW HOME Construction Package Summary

The Cloverdale Heights Declaration

 Article X, Section 10.1 (21)

permits no construction within the community without prior written consent of the HOA ARC.

“Construction” is defined in

Article 1, Section 1.8  as,

Any land disturbing activity, including surveying, excavating, or digging, or the building, installing, erecting, maintaining, remodeling, reconstructing, renovating, removing, or destroying of any improvement.

Plans and specifications, including exterior colors and design, must be submitted in advance to the HOA ARC.

No proposed plans and specifications will be unreasonably or arbitrarily disapproved.

Definition of plans and specifications: [The essentials a contractor requires to construct the proposed house.]

Scaled floor plans showing overall length and width of all wall openings, setbacks, and wall thickness by precise dimensions. All rooms must be identified. Scaled dimensional elevations of all external walls showing finished grade, floor elevations, roof height and pitch, exterior materials, window and door locations and foundation type material and color.

A site plan showing driveway location and width, the closest setbacks from all property lines, culvert gauge, size, location, material and length, the location of well and septic system, the location and specifications for any decks, fences or outbuildings, the location and nature of any easements and right of ways. Article X, Section 10.1 (18)  of the Covenants requires, “Extreme outside lines of dwellings, including attached garage, porch or carport, shall not be less than forty (40) feet from the lot right-of-way frontage (front lot line) nor less than twelve (12) feet from the side or rear lot line.”

The setback requirements will be strictly enforced. A certified House Location Survey by a licensed surveyor must be performed when the erected foundation is completed.

Please check with the Architecture Review Committee Chairman BEFORE the foundation is completed for measurement(s) and/or updated amendments/changes to this document. This note is added for clarification and not intended as part of the definition of plans and specifications.

Article X, Section 10.1 (22)  requires minimum areas of livable space in all houses. This area is measured from the inside face of the exterior walls (as defined in the Life Safety Code mandated in Jefferson County, WV). Basement, garage, breezeway, and porch space is excluded. Minimum square foot areas of livable space are:

(1)  Single Story – 1400;

(2)  Split Foyer – 1400; 65% on first level with attached garage; 75% without attached garage;

(3)  1.5-2.0 Story – 1800; one half must be on first floor.

Article X, Section 10.1 (20)  requires that outbuildings be limited to those uses related to single-dwelling houses. External finish must be the same as (or consistent with) the dominant external finish on the house.

For example, in the case of an all brick or stone house, the finish on an outbuilding may be vinyl siding which matches the masonry or trim on the house. No unfaced concrete block or other unfinished material is allowed.

Article VI, Section 6.5  addresses repairs resulting from negligence. It states,

Each home owner will reimburse the Association for any damages to Common Elements caused intentionally, negligently, or by failure to properly maintain, repair, or make replacements to his or her home.

In other words, the property owner is financially responsible for any damage to neighborhood common elements (streets, signs, and the ten foot (10′) area along all front property lines) resulting from a contractor or subcontractor performing work on his or her property.

To protect Cloverdale’s Common Elements and to avoid unnecessary expenses to home owners the HOA requires the following preventive measures:

·  Prior to construction commencement provide a shell/gravel access/driveway to lot for off street parking. No on-street parking is permitted.

·  Streets must be kept clean. Mud, gravel, and other debris must be cleared from street on a daily basis, and more often if practical.

·  To insure setback requirements are met, a survey of the lot is required and permanent markers are to be placed at property corners.

·  Keep job site trash, debris, and construction material secure; and do not allow trash to accumulate. Trash blowing throughout the subdivision will not be permitted. ·  Provide a portable toilet for workers.

·  Burning of building materials of any kind is not allowed.

·  Burying any material is highly restricted. Prior to burying anything contact Water and Waste Management for permit (304) 822-­3551.

The General Contractor/property owner is responsible for notifying all parties (subcontractors, suppliers, etc.) of all information supplied concerning construction in Cloverdale Heights.

The General Contractor/property owner is to build to CABO or BOCA code standards.

The HOA ARC reserves the right to verify that all Cloverdale Heights HOA established requirements are being met.

History: June 8, 1998 archive file found – New Construction