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June 16, 2014 Seven Little-Known Facts About Rules

Rules aren’t always as straightforward as they seem. Were you aware of these little-known facts?

1. If an association makes an exception to a rule, it will not forfeit the right to continue enforcing that rule. However, exceptions must be granted correctly and for the right reasons so they don’t amount to selective enforcement. Find out how to do it right in Be Reasonable!
Nonmember: $15 | CAI member: $9

2. Rules are not about regulating residents’ behavior. What?! It’s true: rules are about protecting residents’ enjoyment of their homes and community and protecting home values. Reinventing the Rules: A Step-By-Step Guide for Being Reasonable explains the difference … and a lot more. Nonmember: $25  | CAI member: $15

3. Many parking problems would be solved if the association just had more parking space, and it is possible to create it. The Pursuit of Parking provides seven ways to increase parking space. Nonmember: $25 | CAI member: $10.95

4. Associations can make rules affecting the inside of residents’ homes—but only in certain circumstances. Find out what they are in Drafting Rules.
Nonmember: $25 | CAI member: $15

5. The key to eliminating pet problems is regulating behavior (the pet’s and the owner’s)—not size or breed. Learn everything you need to know about pet rules in Pet Policies.
Nonmember: $25 | CAI member: $15

6. One of the best ways to keep design review issues at home—i.e., out of court—is to include procedures, objectives and standards in the bylaws to guide those who review applications and make decisions. Design Review includes the best ways to handle all aspects of the architectural review process.
Nonmember: $25 | CAI member: $15

7. Flag rules aren’t really about flags. They’re about poles. Find out about flags, hoops, home-based businesses, holiday decorations, neighbor disputes and other common issues in Everyday Governance.
Nonmember: $16.95 | CAI member: $9.99

June 10, 2014 What’s Your Meeting IQ?

Test your knowledge of meeting procedures and methods. How will you score on our eight-point quiz?

1. True or False: Once a committee has presented its report to the board, the board should make a motion to accept the report.
False, and a bad idea to boot! Find out why in The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Parliamentary Procedure, Fast-Track.
CAI members: $9.95 | Nonmembers: $16.95

2. True or False: To table a motion means to postpone it indefinitely.
False, up to a point. Find out how to postpone motions—temporarily—in Notes and Comments on “Robert’s Rules,” 4th Ed.
CAI members: $14.95 | Nonmember: $24.95

3. True or False: Following up on meetings that have been adjourned is helpful, but not necessary.

False. Find out why meeting follow up is absolutely essential to getting things done in How to Have Successful Meetings.

CAI members: $4.00 ($2.80 for 100 or more)

Nonmembers: $6.65 ($4.65 for 100 or more)

4. True or False: Whoever conducts the association meeting should be able to speak meeting talk to be really effective.

Oops, this is a trick question—neither true nor false. However, being prepared to maintain order or direct an awkward discussion will be much easier after reading Perfect Phrases for Meetings.

CAI members: $9.95 | Nonmembers: $16.95

5. True or False: Community associations are required to follow Robert’s Rules.

False: There’s no requirement, but it’s a useful practice. Try starting with the abridged version, Robert’s Rules of Order IN BRIEF, 2nd Ed.
CAI members: $5.95 | Nonmembers: $9.95

6. True or False: The association has done everything it can think of to achieve a quorum for the annual meeting, but just can’t make it. It has no choice but to cancel the meeting.

False: According to Meetings & Elections: How Community Associations Exercise Democracy, there are several alternatives, and it offers suggestions for achieving success.
CAI members: $15 | Nonmembers: $25

7. True or False: Meeting packets are a waste of paper. No one reads all that stuff, and they just go in the trash after the meeting adjourns.

Sorry, another trick question. Information that goes unread indicates a bigger problem than wasting paper. What’s true, however, is that meeting packets are the backbone of the meeting agenda. Learn more in Conducting Meetings: A Guide to Running Productive Community Association Board Meetings.

CAI members: $13.20 | Nonmembers: $22

8. True or False: Every community association should have the complete Robert’s Rules of Order in its reference library.

True. Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th Ed., is the official word on all things parliamentary. Though other interpretations and abbreviated versions are very useful, having a copy of the final word on the shelf is just good business.
CAI members: $14.95 | Nonmembers: $24.95

May 29, 2014 NEW from CAI Press

A Place to Age: The Retirement Generation in Community Associations
A Place to Age is an update of Ellen Hirsch de Haan’s 2003 best seller Boomer Shock: Preparing Communities for the Retirement Generation. It focuses on the entire community, boards and managers; and it explains how, together, they can face the challenges presented by the increasing number of people who are aging in place.

“Although the challenges are daunting, almost insurmountable, Ellen Hirsch de Haan is slinging a stone at Goliath. Here is an outline of what community associations can do.”
—Andrew Scharlach, Kleiner Professor and Director of the Center for the Advanced Study of Aging Services at the School of Social Welfare at the University of California, Berkeley

CAI members: $8.95 | Nonmembers: $14.95

Before and After Disaster Strikes: Developing an Emergency Procedures Manual

This comprehensive updated guide is a blueprint for developing emergency procedures that leaves no situation to chance. In addition to expanding existing chapters, the fourth edition addresses new risks not covered previously. Accompanying the book is a set of online emergency planning forms that may be customized or adapted for specific conditions and situations.

CAI members: $39.95 | Nonmembers: $66.95

The Dark Condos, A Novel

Every community association has rules, but what happens when a board uses a surveillance drone to find the violations? When the directors of a condo board hit the lottery and win millions of dollars, everyone should be celebrating. What could possibly go wrong? Condo attorney Joshua Fyler soon learns that a lot can go wrong—and not just for his clients. He’s being investigated by the feds. Is he laundering funds through nonexistent—dark—condos?

The Dark Condos is an entertaining, smart and quirky look at the business of community associations—and it’s just in time for summer reading. (The author has signed 25 copies, and they’ll be the first to go. Place your order today!)

The Dark Condos is Marv Nodiff’s third Joshua Fyler novel. The first two, Special Assessment and No Spitting on the Floor, are also available from CAI Press.

CAI members: $11.95 | Nonmembers: $19.95

May 13, 2014 Your Favorite CAI Press Products

Members and nonmembers alike have voted with their checkbooks. These are everyone’s favorite CAI Press titles.

The Homeowner & the Community Association
This information-packed overview of community association operations and governance should be required reading for anyone new to community association living. It explains assessments, governing documents, architectural controls, association management, insurance and more.
CAI members: $2.49 ($1.74 each for 100 or more)
Nonmembers: $4.15 ($2.90 each for 100 or more)

How to Have Successful Meetings
This handy brochure outlines how to prepare for, participate in and communicate effectively during your meetings. It’s an illustrated, easy-to-read, basic guide to meeting success.
CAI members: $4.00 ($2.80 for 100 or more)
Nonmembers: $6.65 ($4.65 for 100 or more)

Community Association Leadership:
A Guide for Volunteers, 3rd Ed.

This useful guide will help you attract more volunteers and enable them to perform better by providing an understanding of committee work and the volunteer’s role.
CAI members: $5 ($3.50 each for 100 or more)
Nonmembers: $8.39 ($5.87 each for 100 or more)

The A-B-C’s of Parliamentary Procedure
This illustrated booklet covers the basics of running meetings according to Robert’s Rules of Order. It’s the perfect resource for association boards and managers!
CAI members: $4.00 ($2.80 for 100 or more)
Nonmembers: $6.65 ($4.65 for 100 or more)

Robert’s Rules of Order IN BRIEF, 2nd Ed.
This pocket-size version of Robert’s Rules of Order summarizes all the complexities of parliamentary procedure in a guide suitable for board members, managers and homeowners. It contains numerous tables, charts and at-a-glance answers.
CAI members: $5.95 | Nonmembers: $9.95

Perfect Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People
Hundreds of ready-to-use phrases for handling conflict, confrontations and challenging personalities are compiled in this guide. Perfect for managers and volunteer leaders—anyone who deals with irrational, emotional, negative, upset or unhappy people.
CAI members: $8.95 | Nonmembers: $14.95

Copyright-Free Articles for Community Association Newsletters and Websites, Vol. 1
A collection of nearly 100 basic articles for you to copy and use in community association newsletters, letters, website copy, reports or whatever writing challenges you face. The articles cover finances, meetings, rules, governance, maintenance, security, volunteers and much more.
CAI members: $11.99 | Nonmembers: $19.99

Copyright-Free Articles for Community Association Newsletters and Websites, Vol. 2
Another 100 ready-made articles yours for the publishing!
CAI members: $11.99 | Nonmembers: $19.99

April 8, 2014 How to Find the Right Community Association Professional

Smart community association boards know they need professional partners to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities. But how does a board know who to hire or how to carry out the hiring process? These Guides for Association Practitioners can help.

Attorneys representing community associations must be experts in many legal specialties, including real estate, contracts, corporate law, liability, construction warranty, architectural and design review, insurance, environmental and water regulations, collection and foreclosure, employment and taxation. This guide leads you through the steps to find—and work with—the best possible attorney for your association. Includes six appendices, sample forms, checklists and documents.
CAI members: $15 | Nonmembers: $25

Landscape Contractors
This useful guide for finding the best landscape contractor covers drafting specs, performance criteria, warranties, maintenance schedules, insurance requirements, communicating with residents, advice on bidding the contract, selecting the best bid, legal review, environmental concerns and contractor evaluation. Includes sample documents.
CAI members: $15 | Nonmembers: $25

Management Companies
Here’s guidance for selecting a company to manage your community. It covers bid specifications, identifying candidates, requesting and analyzing proposals, on-site meetings, the interview process and working successfully with your management company.
CAI members: $15 | Nonmembers: $25

On-Site Managers
This guide helps you determine whether your association needs an on-site manager; how to establish job criteria; find, screen and investigate leading candidates and make the partnership work. Includes sample documents.
CAI members: $15 | Nonmembers: $25

Bids & Contracts
Find out what to specify in your request for proposals and how to prepare your contracts correctly. Includes sample documents.
CAI members: $15 | Nonmembers: $25

March 11, 2014 March Means Maintenance Madness

Many parts of the country are charred, flattened, cracked, frozen, flooded and scorched—that spells maintenance. March is the time to assess winter’s wrath and begin those maintenance projects. Let CAI Press make it a little easier with these resources.

Road Repair Handbook
Winter can be brutal on paved surfaces—roads, parking lots, concrete, asphalt. Learn everything you need to know to repair winter’s damage.
CAI members: $19.95 | Nonmembers: $33.29

The Ultimate Guide to Pool Maintenance
If you have a pool or spa, you’re thinking about getting it ready for summer. This guide includes absolutely everything you’ll need to keep it in top condition.
CAI members: $26 | Nonmembers: $43.50

The Complete Book of Home Inspection, 4th Ed.
Find out exactly how hard the winter season was on your structures with this comprehensive guide to inspecting like a pro. Packed with more than 150 photos, graphs, checklists, worksheets and more.
CAI members: $13.50 | Nonmembers: $22.50

Landscape Contractors
Find the best landscape contractor—using this helpful guide—and winter’s ravages will soon disappear. Includes sample documents.
CAI members: $15 | Nonmembers: $25

Curb Appeal
Remove all traces of a hard winter from your outdoor areas. This guide shows you how to maintain and enhance recreation areas, landscaping, lighting, roads and parking lots, windows, signs and entrances, and other exterior elements.
CAI members: $15 | Nonmembers: $25

Trees, Turf & Shrubs
A good landscape maintenance program needs the right contractors, landscape committee, grounds maintenance checklist, lawn care calendar, landscape specifications and more. Learn about damaged turf, soil conditions, aeration, watering, pruning, fertilization, mulching, disease and pest treatment, and weed control.
CAI members: $15 | Nonmembers: $25

February 18, 2014 NEW EDITION—GAPs on CD

The complete set of Guides for Association Practitioners is now available with the most up-to-date edition of every GAP.

A complete library covering every aspect of community association governance, management and operations is just a click away!

Finances, Reserves, Assessments – Rules, Design Review, Pets – Attorneys, Landscapers, Managers – Maintenance, Meetings, Elections – Developer Transition, Board Officers, Volunteers – … and more!

Perfect for educating boards, managers and their clients—now and for years to come. Visit our online bookstore for detailed information about each GAP on the CD.

Just $299 for CAI members—order your CD library online today!

January 14, 2014 NEW and UPDATED in 2014

Watch for your copy of the 2014 CAI Press catalog mailed with January’s Common Ground magazine. Here’s a sneak peak of a few of the new offerings, now available online at


Community Association Manager Compensation and Salary Survey 2013
72 pages | Item #1794 | Nonmembers: $99 | CAI members: $59

Copyright-Free Articles for Community Association Newsletters and Websites, Vol. 2
103 pages | Item #0697 | Nonmembers: $19.99 | CAI members: $11.99

Notes and Comments on Robert’s Rules, 4th Ed.
208 pages | Item #R2151 | Nonmembers: $24.95 | CAI members: $14.95

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Parliamentary Procedure Fast-Track
144 pages | Item #R2205 | Nonmembers: $16.95 | CAI members: $9.95

2014 Condominium Bluebook: California State Law
658 pages | Item #R9304 | Nonmembers: $24.95 | CAI members: $14.95


Risk Management, 2nd Ed.
74 pages | Item #0703 | Nonmembers: $25 | CAI members: $15

Check out the 2014 CAI Press catalog online at