10. Can the Secretary or other officers receive payment for their position on the Board?

Lets review our governing documents to answer this one:

DCCR: Article I Section 1.3 Definitions: Association. Cloverdale Heights Homeowners Association, Inc. a non-profit corporation organized under West Virginia Code Section 31-1-1. et seq. It is the Association of Unit owners pursuant to Section 3-101 of the Act.

however: Cloverdale’s HOA Public Offering Statement of 1989

ARTICLE XVIII … the Cloverdale Heights Homeowners Association will be organized as a “not for profit” corporation under the laws of West Virginia.

CAUTION: WV Code 31e(17) “Nonprofit corporation” means a corporation which may not make distributions to its members, directors or officers.

Bylaws: Section 2.13 – Compensation. A Director may receive a fee from the Association for acting as such, as may be set by resolution of the Unit Owners, and reimbursement for necessary expenses actually incurred in connection with his or her duties. Directors acting as officers or employees may also be compensated for such duties.


During an Annual Meeting (~2000-2005) this subject was discussed and homeowners chose NOT to pay an elected Director for duties while serving on the Cloverdale Board. Reimbursement for actual expenses will be paid to the elected Director or delegated homeowner with a valid receipt and/or invoice with the specific items’ cost.

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