14. Why is the speed limit only 15mph in Cloverdale?

In 1989 the developer, Marcus Enterprises was required to post the speed limit – because there were no County guidelines/ordinances it was determined a 15mph rural limit. US 340 did not exist at that time.

Cloverdale roads are private roads, the Declaration does not address a speed limit. WV Department of Transportation does not address a speed limit in a county subdivision.


§17C-1-36. Private road or driveway; private property
§17C-1-62. Residential street.
§17C-14-13a. Police officers authorized to conduct investigations on private property.
§17C-2-7. Uniformity of provisions of chapter throughout state.

The provisions of this chapter shall be applicable and uniform throughout this state and in all political subdivisions and municipalities therein and no local authority shall enact or enforce any ordinance, rule, or regulation in conflict with the provisions of this chapter unless expressly authorized herein. Local authorities may, however, adopt additional traffic regulations which are not in conflict with the provisions of this chapter.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, by our invitation, randomly patrols our roads as a courtesy.
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