16. Does Cloverdale have vacation rentals?

Cloverdale’s DCCR: ARTICLE X Restrictions on use, Alienation and Occupancy:

Section 10.2  Restrictions on Alienation. A unit (your home) may not be conveyed pursuant to a time-sharing plan.

A Unit may not be leased or rented for a term of less than 30 days. All leases and rental agreements shall be in writing and subject to the requirements of the Documents and the Association.

All leases of a Unit shall be deemed to include a provision that the tenant will recognize and attorn to the Association as landlord, solely for the purpose of having the power to enforce a violation of the provisions of the Documents against the tenant, provided the Association gives the landlord notice of its intent to so enforce, and a reasonable opportunity to cure the violation directly, prior to the commencement of an enforcement action.

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