18. What’s the rule for RV parking?

Policy – Marcus’ Enterprises, the Developer’s verbal statement ~1988-90
(not formally recorded after transfer of subdivision deed)

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are permitted to be stored/parked on homeowners’ paved property with the following conditions overriding DCCR ART X(2)-(4):

  • Must NEVER be used as a permanent residence by any Cloverdale homeowner(s).
  • Must be current with WV registration and license when owned by a Cloverdale homeowner while stored on their own paved property.
  • Visitors of Cloverdale homeowners with their RVs are permitted and visitors may reside within their own RV during short visits. (“short visit” was not defined)

Please be considerate when parking an RV – never on the lawn, never in the front yard and never blocking the line-of-sight for vehicle operators on any of our roads.

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