9. What is the rule for PODS in my driveway?


A. All temporary storage units must be approved prior to installation

B. Permitted on a temporary only basis, may include, but are not limited to: Portables on Demand (PODS), Smart Boxes, U-Pack, U-Load, moving trailers, or any similar temporary storage unit. Expressly used for a lot owner actively involved in relocating items to and from their home and/or during renovation and/or maintenance.

C. Temporary storage units must not exceed:

  1. Thirty days, two units, upon one lot, at one time, within any consecutive twelve month period.
  2. 12’ long x 7’ wide x 7’ high.

D. Temporary storage units must be located in the driveway and must not:

  1. Alter the natural drainage or drainage easement.
  2. Damage property or roads.
  3. Obstruct sightlines for vehicles.
  4. Be placed on roads, right-of-way, or any common area.

E. Temporary storage unit must not be used for:

  1. Animals & people.
  2. Combustible or hazardous materials.
  3. Food.

F. Application to the ARC must include:

  1. Complete description of the temporary storage unit.
  2. Timeline must include anticipated placement & removal date.
  3. Agreement of lot owner to be fully responsible for all resulting damage within 30 (thirty) days after removal of the temporary storage unit.
  4. Photograph(s) of the site conditions including road, driveway, and surrounding area prior to placement of temporary storage unit.

Review: Cloverdale’s Architectural Design Guidelines & Standards

Architectural Review Applications:
1.) Improvements and
2.) Temporary Storage

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