Homeowner Solar Questions

Cloverdale Homeowner questions December 5-9, 2020 concerning Wild Hill Solar Farm

  1. How big is 13 feet tall for a solar panel – from the ground or from just the panel?
  2. Do the panels move?
  3. Do the panels create reflective heat?
  4. How big is an electric transformer pad?
  5. How are tall transmission towers part of solar panel function?
  6. What is the viewing position of more than 400,000 solar panels?
  7. Is the lifetime of solar panels important?
  8. What to do about our deer, fox, possum and other wildlife population?
  9. What happens to broken solar panels?
  10. Are solar panels noisy?
  11. Is a solar farm fenced with an electric fence?
  12. Are 18-wheelers required for delivery?
  13. How long do solar panels function?
  14. Is 80 megawatts noisy?
  15. What is the dust expectancy & duration for installation of 400,000 panels?
  16. Can tall trees be planted to allow for continued screening and green view instead of solar panels?
  17. Is dynamiting included in installation?
  18. How big and how many are the DC to AC converters?
  19. Can we be included to use the solar energy from the solar farm?
  20. How many people and how long does it take to install 400,000 solar panels and accompanying equipment?
  21. Why is this [Wild Hill Solar Farm] being rushed thru?
  22. Are we considered 1 property? If so why? What will the setback be?
  23. Why is decommissioning not automatic after the non-generation period stated?
  24. Water testing? Since we are on wells.
  25. Do we get any approval of lighting impacting our properties?
  26. Will any of the existing mature trees and vegetative growth on the farm that boarders Cloverdale homes, be removed? If so, can it be requested that they remain, since they are already to a visually blocking height when leafed out in summer.
  27. Can an additional at least 100ft of trees and tall shrubs be planted to add to the barrier in these areas? (Not just an opaque fence).
  28. At any point would North Fork Road be used as a secondary access road and what would be done to protect the safety of families that use this road for biking, jogging, and driving, as it is both narrow and winding.
  29. What is the estimated length of the construction period and at what stage would visual barriers be planted?
  30. Have the parcels been rezoned to Industrial just for the Solar Farm?
  31. If the solar farm should happen to fail in the future, will the parcels retain the Industrial zoning or will the parcels revert back to Agricultural?


FYI: More will be added as received – answers will be included as received.


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