May 2023

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Hello, neighbors. Please allow me three minutes of your busy schedule to read this community notice.

For many years, Cloverdale Heights has been battling vehicular speeds. While 15 miles per hour may seem slow, our streets warrant this slower speed. We have many curves, changes in elevations, and mature trees that create hazardous areas. A simple blind spot hindering your view can be disastrous!

Cloverdale Heights was developed over thirty-five years ago. Our neighborhood was developed with vehicular traffic in mind. Today we live in a much more mobile world where more homeowners, young and old, are taking to the streets. We have more cars, walkers, joggers, and bicyclists than we have ever had. All drivers must be cognizant of this fact. All drivers must OBEY the posted speed limit. All drivers must WATCH for all pedestrians. Also, parents (and grandparents) must TEACH their youngsters to take great care when moving about on our neighborhood streets and obviously not to play in the streets. OBEY – WATCH – TEACH !

Your Cloverdale Heights Board of Directors have discussed this subject literally hundreds of times over the years. Now we want to take a stand. We need to get the message out. SLOW DOWN !

Your Board has installed numerous new traffic signs. These signs include normal speed limit signs, slow down signs, and children & pets playing signs. Every new sign has a common thread. It states the speed limit is 15 miles per hour. You may think the number of signs is excessive. In the world of advertising, the most successful advertising campaigns are referred to as TOMA, Top-Of-the-Mind Awareness. TOMA is established by repetition. Repetition can establish familiarity and credibility with the advertised product. Using this principle, we are using TOMA to advertise our product, the speed limit. With repetition, we hope to bring the speed limit to the top of everyone’s mind.

The Board asks everyone in our community obey the speed limit. National studies have shown for years that not everyone will adhere. So, we know that is not realistic that everyone will do 15 miles per hour in Cloverdale. One of the easiest ways that each of us can help this initiative is to slow down to 15, be aware of your surroundings and stop completely at every stop sign. Doing so, this causes everyone behind you to do the same thing. This can be a teaching moment for the person behind you. It may create a habit of you and the person following to OBEY – WATCH – TEACH !

We asked for 3 minutes of your time. That is the time it takes to enter our community and arrive at the farthest home away while doing 15 miles an hour and stopping at all the stop signs. That’s the most time it will take to keep our neighbors safe. A small investment with a great return.

Thank you and stay safe !

Your HOA Board

Cully Rinaldi, President clover Bryan Lavallee, Vice President clover Jane Rogers, Secretary
Ruth Zebell, Treasurer clover Nathan Madrid, Director clover J T Buzzard, Director clover Susie Neel, Director