FY 2023-2024 Cloverdale Homeowners’ Point of Contact:
Bryan Lavallee (304) 728-8688
Laura Stokes (205) 242-9757
Cloverdale Homeowners: please do not contact our plowing contractor directly – please call Cloverdale’s Point of Contact for assistance.

  • If The Forecast is for 3-5 inches:

There is no need to start clearing the roads until the major part of a snow fall is over.
If it snows during the night, start clearing at 4:00am. Do not clear before 4:00am. After clearing, if it is still snowing hard wait until the snow fall is over. At that time if there is less than 2” of snow on the roads call it quits. There is no need to clear the roads more than once if not necessary.

If the snow falls during the day, wait until it stops falling before clearing the roads.

  • If The Forecast is for 5-10 inches or more:

Same as above except:
If the snow falls during the day, start clearing after 4” has collected.

  • Icy roads:

If freezing rain ices the roads, deice after it is over.
For either of the two snow fall cases above (3-5 inches and 5-10 inches):
If the roads are icy and very slippery after clearing the snow deice all intersections.

  •  Driveways:

No clearing requested. Individual homeowners may contact the contractor. Damages are the responsibility of the contractor/homeowner. Cloverdale HOA is not involved in private  arrangements on private property.


2023-2024 Plowing Contractor:
Mark Kable – Kable Excavating, LLC
83 Properity Lane
Ranson, WV 25438
WV License #WV032512
Insured by Erie – Policy #Q41 7350068WV