Should a member (an individual unit owner) be unable to attend a meeting, typically the Annual Meeting, to cast their individual vote, an approved CLOVERDALE General Proxy form will be provided by the Executive Board; usually thru the Secretary.

Members receive a General Proxy at least once a year in the Notice packet surface mailed to each Member as a requirement for the Annual Meeting in September.

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When a Unit Owner – you –  chooses to use Cloverdale’s General Proxy you will be transferring the full power and authority to act on your behalf to another Unit Owner.

REQUIREMENT: only a unit owner may initiate the use of a General Proxy on their behalf.


  • Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (DCCR)

Article IX Section 9.2(b) Votes

Each Unit in the Common Interest Community shall have one (1) equal vote.

  • Bylaws – Public Offering Statement, Exhibit 4

Article III Section 3.9 -Voting

If only one of several owners of a unit is present at a meeting of the Association, the owner present is entitled to cast all the votes allocated to the unit.

If more than one of the owners are present, the votes allocated to the unit may be cast only in accordance with the agreement of a majority in interest of the owners.

There is a majority agreement if anyone of the owners casts the votes allocated to the Unit without protest being made promptly to the person presiding over the meeting by another owner of the unit.

Votes allocated to a unit may be cast under a proxy duly executed by a unit Owner.

If a Unit is owned by more than one person, each owner of the unit may vote or register protest to the casting of votes by the other owners of the Unit through a duly executed proxy.

A Unit Owner may revoke a proxy given under this Section only by actual notice of revocation to the person presiding over a meeting of the Association.

A proxy is void if it is not dated or purports to be revocable without notice.

[Resolution: the fiscal year watermark using the Cloverdale Heights registered trademark logo must appear embedded within the General Proxy forms provided to each unit owner; a member.]

A proxy terminates one year after its date, unless it specifies a shorter term.

The vote of a corporation or business trust may be cast by any officer of such corporation or business trust in the absence of express notice of the designation of a specific person by the board of directors or bylaws of the owning corporation or business trust.

The vote of a partnership may be cast by any general partner of the owning partnership in the absence of express notice of the designation of a specific person by the owning partnership.

The moderator of the meeting may require reasonable evidence that a person voting on behalf of a corporation, partnership or business trust owner is qualified so to vote.

Votes allocated to a unit owned by the Association may not be cast.