adopted FY2020 by the Executive Board, sample of the online ballot:

1. One valid e-mail address per individual lot. When two or more e-mail addresses are available only one e-mail address will receive a ballot to vote.

2. All ballots include a unique access code for each individual lot

3. If no e-mail address is available and/or no access to the Internet a printout will be provided to you and your vote(s) will be entered online using your lot’s unique access code.

1. The purpose of this ballot is to ratify the adopted budget for the YYYY fiscal year that starts on October 1, YYYYY. The ratification of this ballot is by a simple majority (51%) of the vote. Any Lot not casting a vote per the DCCR / Bylaws will be counted as a “Yes”.

and the election of directors

2. there are N openings for Directors to be elected for N-year terms, nominees are:  First Last, Lot# with their profile information.  For election of the Directors for FY YYYY-YYYY selection will be based on highest number of the votes cast.